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For many of us owning a luxury lodge as a holiday home or second home is a dream, and few may realise that dream, if your one of the lucky ones and are looking to own your own slice of heaven then the questions are starting to mount up,

  • What type of home do I want?
  • What do I need in the home?
  • WHERE do I want the home to be?
  • How much can I use the home?

I am sure your list is bigger than this, but you get the point. Fortunately for you our Park Spill Land Farm Country Park may just have the answer to most of your questions.

The Luxury Lodges we have on site are all built to Residential Specification, why you ask? Simple, our Park is Open 12 months of the year, yes you read it right you can use your home the full 12 months of the year, no restrictions no closing them down, anytime you want to visit you do so. That is why we supply Lodges in the same Specification you would find on our Residential Parks in Essex and Kent, we want your lodge to be all you want it to be, so having it well insulated for winter and summer use makes sense, having heating for the colder nights, a must. But even better these Luxury Lodges are just that, Luxury. They come with all the fixtures and fittings you have at home, maybe more, they are finished to such a high standard you may prefer being in in your lodge than at home. Spacious and bright they are perfect for relaxing and enjoying whats important in life. We have many lodges available so get in touch to find out more but our current ranges start at £169,995.

bottany bay in kentOnto the where and why consider Spill Lands Farm, well it is located in Biddenden, Kent, just a short trip from London and other mjor towns and cities. A great location the park is surrounded by the green of horse paddocks, farms and fields, a small village 1 mile away for those essential items but only 20 minutes Drive from Ashford and 30 minutes from Hastings giving you the best of Kent to Explore and uncover.

There is so much to uncover from the old haunts of Charles Dickens, to stunning coastline like the cliffs and stacks at Botany Bay. With its gentle hills, vast farmlands, grand country estates and fruit orchards, it’s no wonder that Kent has been coined as ‘The Garden of England’ for centuries.

There is just so much to see and do, it may just be the perfect location for a second home. Oh did we mention the park is Pet friendly as is Kent itself, perfect for those with their beloved dogs in tow.

Contact Us now to find out more.