Arkley Residential Park is mature well established Park for over 45’s.

Arkley Residential Park, Barnet Road, Barnet,

Arkley Residential Park is an exclusive residential community based close to some of Hertfordshire’s best-known towns and country spaces.  In a quiet urban location, residents at the park will be close to Moat Mount, Elstree and its Open Space, as well as Aldenham Country Park.  The community may appeal to retirees and the semi-retired for its convenient links and closeness to Barnet and the M1.  There are also local museums and sites of heritage in the region which may appeal to new movers.

Arkley Residential Park is a private community away from public intrusion.  It is designed to appeal to movers who are looking for closer, quieter and more convenient living standards.  The welcoming community at the park, as well as its modern design and facilities, may help new residents to settle in.  With Open Spaces close by, it should also be convenient for new homeowners to get out and about.

Why Arkley Park? –

Arkley Residential Park is a private community close to supermarket and shopping areas, as well as close to the A1 and Barnet Way, offering convenient access to towns and cities across the way.  Residents will also benefit from local amenities and medical facilities out in Barnet and Barnet Gate, across to the East of the park.

The community is close to a variety of Open Spaces, which are green areas where new movers can take regular walks and strolls.  There are also rivers and canals close by for waterside walks, as well as a full outdoors centre at Moat Mount to the South.

Residents will be able to find the park easily through road links as well as through public transport, as Borehamwood is close by with its train station.  Park homeowners will also be able to find their way easily into London through transport links and underground connections only a short distance away.

The park is easy to find across from the roundabout connecting the A1, the A411 and Barnet Road.  Residents and drivers will be able to find the park heading up on the left on the way through to Barnet Gate, further up the A411.  The park is easy to find through GPS and residents will also be able to head to it through signposting and local roads.

The park is designed ideally with people close to retiring in mind.  It may appeal to new residents who do not wish to move into a completely rural space, but who may still appreciate peace and quiet with access to everyday amenities and facilities.  Management at the park is keen to provide a slower pace of living for new residents who are approaching the end of their working lives.