Enjoy every moment of your retirement by escaping your normal life and embracing a care-free lifestyle in a beautiful park home. Not convinced? Here are the top reasons why living in a park home might be the perfect decision for you.

1. It saves you money

We know that every penny counts in your retirement. It’s your hard earned money, and you need to ensure that you’re not throwing money away on the things that don’t matter. Park homes are an excellent way to help your budget stretch even further, so you can spend the extra money doing the things you enjoy the most. With park homes, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with refurbishments on your old home, and there are no renovations to carry out if you’re downsizing. All of our homes at Five Furlongs Country Park are fully furnished and newly built around your needs and interests, ensuring that you’ll easily fall in love with your new home. They’re also covered by our Gold Shield 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never have to face an expensive repair.

What’s more, they’re well insulated and kitted out with energy efficient appliances, making your energy bills lower each month.

2. It’s a safe and beautiful place to live

Sick of living in a city or worrying about the new neighbours down the street? Say goodbye to all the stress and worry by living in a beautiful park home. Here you’ll be a part of a welcoming and friendly community with members who always look out for each other.

You’re also an incredibly short distance away from the surrounding villages of Maidstone and Paddock Wood so you’ll never be short of things to do in this safe and secure area.

In addition, our country park isn’t just beautiful – it’s also well protected with a secure entrance. So whether you fancy taking in the scenery on a walk or want to enjoy a day with the grandchildren, you can ensure that you, your home and your loved ones are always safe.

3. You’ll reduce your upkeep

Park homes require very little maintenance, freeing up your time to do what you want to.

If you don’t want to waste your retirement doing chores, we also offer maintenance packages to take care of the general upkeep of your home. So, you can spend time doing more of what you love.

What’s more, all of your outdoor maintenance is taken care of for just a small annual fee. So, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful gardens and scenery all year round, without worrying about facing the upkeep yourself.

4. You’ll meet new people

The park home community is vibrant, friendly and open. This gives you an excellent opportunity to meet new friends, explore new hobbies and enjoy your retirement exactly the way you should.

What’s more, you’ll never find a better location to spend your retirement in. By living in a park home in Kent, you’ll get access to the longest county coastline in Britain. Measuring over 350 miles, this coastline is home to 11 Blue Flag beaches, historic villages and the White Cliffs Of Dover. Find out more of what Kent has to offer.