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Retired, or slowing work down or considering retirement, and ready to move into your dream home?

With luxury residential park homes you can choose from several home designs and you get to decorate it your way.

You’ve finally reached a point in life where your looking to focus on living your best life. You’ve reached a certain age where you know exactly what you want. Your priority is to make your life easier but live in relative luxury. You want a smaller home home that you don’t have to worry too much about maintaining but you still want it to look good and have all the top creature comforts your heart desires.

Moving to a luxury residential park home in will undoubtedly be the best decision you’ll ever make. You’ll have the ability to choose the design of your home from several designs as well as the ability to choose the decoration of the interior. With so many options available, you won’t help but feel at home. Bespoke Building really could be exactly what you need it to be and its so simple.

Five Furlongs Country Park Home Exterior

Home design

Residential park homes come in several designs from several manufacturers all with their own range of models. You may study the architectural plans and the exterior design and choose the design that you feel suits your lifestyle and taste best.

Five Furlongs Country Park Home Kitchen


If you love spending time in the kitchen, you know what your needs are. You know where you want the fridge to be, whether you want the oven below the stove or closer to eye level so you don’t have to bend down when using it, or even if you want your dishwasher on the left-hand side or the right-hand side of the kitchen sink. There are many designs to suit all desires, from where everything goes, right down to the colour of your kitchen cabinets.

Five Furlongs Country Park Home Lounge

Living room

You can also choose the interior design style of your living room. You need to be able to create a room that you can feel comfortable in. A room where the colours and design of the furniture that surrounds you will help you relax.

Five Furlongs Country Park Home Bathroom


Are you more comfortable using a bath or a shower? Want both? You decide on how you want your bathroom to look.

Five Furlongs Country Park Home Bedroom


You can even decide how to decorate your study. Or would you prefer this to be a utility room, or maybe a huge walk in Wardrobe, or something completely different, you really can deside.

It’s no secret that our environment affects our psychology so it is quite important that our home interior makes us happy as we spend so much of our time in it.

With our Bespoke design and build options you really do have the ability to change everything, create a living space you have always dreamt off and more. It is very simple, and we help guide you through the entire process. Oh did we mention you can part exchange your current home and BESPOKE, now there is something to consider.

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