Thinking about relocating during retirement? Moving to a single-storey fully furnished luxury park home could be the best decision you ever make.


When you’re planning for retirement, the first thing you should consider is which house you want to live in. The kids have moved out and a huge house with multiple bedrooms can be unnecessary and difficult to manage. A single-storey fully furnished luxury park home is an ideal solution for your housing dilemmas as they are attractive and also suit your practical needs.

Here are six top advantages of living in a single-storey park home:

1. Fewer accidents

Stairs are an accident hotspot and are a great disadvantage of living in a house with more than one floor. A survey by the British Woodworking Federation found that one-third of us (33%) admitted to falling up or down the stairs in 2017, 25% of which were aged 55 and over. While not every trip is fatal, they can cause serious injury, especially for people who already have difficulty getting around and navigating their home. Single-storey park homes don’t have stairs, eliminating the risk of falling and injuring yourself which is a major advantage to living in one.

2. There’s no need for expensive equipment

For the very elderly and those with mobility issues, stairs can become a great obstacle. Simply getting to the upper level can take a long time and may even become painful. Chairlifts are often a solution to this problem, allowing residents to navigate their house in a more timely fashion. However, these can be expensive to purchase as well as install and then there are the costs associated with its maintenance. Single-storey park homes eradicate the need for chairlifts and other expensive equipment, making them easier to navigate.
Single-Storey Exterior Five Furlongs Country Park Kent

3. More security

With every door and window on one level, it’s so much easier to make all the normal security precautions before heading out or going to bed. This will make it harder for a burglar to gain access to your home and less likely to break in if they can easily be seen in your one-storey home.

4. The space feels more intimate

Empty rooms and unused spaces can make your home feel lonely at times, especially if you find your self on your own. In a one-storey park home, the open-plan design is more intimate as each room is utilised and your house doesn’t feel hollow. There is so much more freedom surrounding what you want each room to be and which function they will serve.
Kitchen Interior at Five Furlongs Country Park Kent

5. Easier to maintain

Cleaning can take up so much of our time, especially when you have to cover two floors. In a single-storey home, there is less ground to cover so you can spend your retirement years doing fun and enriching activities instead of vacuuming.

6. Cost-effective

Park homes are more efficient to heat; not only is this a better option for your bank balance but it’s also more beneficial for the environment.